Thursday, October 4, 2007

Takes on the new season

Alright folks, here are my major hits and misses for the new TV season:

1.) Pushing Daisies: Quirky, hopelessly romantic, colorful, and fun, you NEED to watch the first episode online if you missed it!

2.) Private Practice: BORING and so disappointing. Step it up or hang it up!

3.) Chuck: Directed by McG, it's a fun combo of slick and dweeby that only my college friends and I could truly love.

And now, for the returns:

1.) Grey's Anatomy: Has potential again this season. George decided he loves Izzy, which means his soon-to-be ex-wife will be pregnant in about two weeks so as to complicate things.

2.) House, M.D: I miss Cameron, Chase, and Foreman!

3.) Dancing with the Stars: Too bad I'm never home to watch it.

4.) Desperate Housewives: I can't WAIT to find out what is up with the new neighbors in Mike's old house!!!


Jimmy said...

I'm not understanding why The Office didn't make your list. Sure you say you're loyal to my face, then you walk away and secretly snicker, "heehee, what a loser . . ." behind my back.

Vikster said...

James, I haven't watched "The Office" episodes yet and I KNEW you would say that! The plan is to watch them online before Thursday so I can catch up. There are just too many shows!!!