Monday, June 1, 2009

Yeah, I know I hardly ever write anymore. . .

But I thought I'd do a quick update. May was a good month - I finished my Masters degree, my kids took their High School Assessment tests, we squeezed in a weekend at Busch Gardens, and my parents drove in for a long weekend.

I also had to get reading glasses because apparently I have the eyes of a forty year old. So much for my amazing eyesight. Moments like this make me feel old.

Now it is June - school is almost done and I am counting down the days until Ireland (24 in case you were wondering). But first - Tim graduates! On Friday we will be up in NYC to watch Dr. Romanoski recieve his degree. I could not be more proud of him right now. We should have a blast catching up with his med school friends (or in my case, meeting many for the first time) and celebrating with the family. Four years have gone by surprisingly fast. . .

. . .and it dawned on me last month that I graduated college five years ago. Wow.

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