Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Two Book Reports by the Vikster

I have now finished two more books, both which feature teenage, first-person narrators. "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" is about a British autistic boy's encounters around his neighborhood as he searches for a mysterious dog-killer. Reading a narrative written from the perspective of a child with autism is fascinating. The book will break your heart, but it is worth it to get inside the hero's mind.

"An Egg on Three Sticks" is the story of Abby, a thirteen year old girl in 1970s California whose mother is institutionalized after she attempts suicide. Another well-written teenage protagonist paints a vivid story for the reader, and another difficult story makes you want to hug the narrator. I was a little skeptical of this book when I picked it up at the library, and I still don't have any clue why it is titled as such, but it was a quick, good read.

Next up is a novel called "The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets," penned by lyricist Tim Rice's daughter. Becky liked it so I think I will like it to. I'll start that read as soon as I get poolside in Massachusetts.

By the way, keep my grandmother in your prayers. She is having major surgery next week, and I'm thankful I can be home to spend some time with her before she goes out of comission for a while.

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