Friday, August 31, 2007

Getting my timing down.

I have been back in class with the kiddies for a week now, and my body has yet to readjust to the school schedule. I'm having a blast with all the new personalities, but by the end of my lunch break I am ready for a nice long nap. I can't wait until my internal clock resets itself.

In honor of my sheer exhaustion, I treated myself to dinner out tonight. I had heard about a Vietnamese place a town over so I finally got directions and checked it out. They made me some good spring rolls and pho (adding lots of hot sauce, of course). I don't go out to dinner alone very much, but once in a while it is very relaxing to sit by myself with a good meal. After dinner I came home and gave myself a pedicure and watched a movie. The only thing that could make this night better would be if the Sox would get with the program and start winning against the Orioles.

Tomorrow it is off to the State Fair with Laura, then possibly Wegman's. Thank God for a long, low-key weekend stretching ahead of me. . .

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