Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My thoughts on "The Singing Bee" as they enter my mind

--This show's song picks are all over the place

--"The Honey Bees" are their backup dancers? Please!!!

--Mom says "this is kind of a cheesy show" and I have to agree

--I wish Joey Fatone would follow his buddy Lance's lead and head back to Broadway

--If you stumble through The Door's "Come On Baby Light My Fire," you should just go have a friend smack you really hard in the head with a bat

--I'm becoming progressively dumber as I watch this

PARTING THOUGHTS - I'm super excited about the fall previews that keep popping up during commercials. While most will probably be horrible shows, hope springs eternal when I see the newbies start giving us their best stuff . . .

. . .And have I mentioned how much I love reruns of "Frasier?" It is everything that reality TV and game shows are not. Smart, witty, well-acted AND well-written. When did good sitcoms become an endangered species?

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