Monday, August 20, 2007

Please don't wake me. . .

Have you ever had one of those dreams that was so vivid and so amazing that when you woke up, you tried to fall back asleep just so you could dive back in? When my alarm went off this morning, it jolted me from a dream so real and so perfect that I turned off the alarm and made a fruitless attempt to head back in where I left off. Alas, the dream was gone, but how great it made me feel stuck with me for the rest of my day.

On Wednesday, I will be jolted out of summer mode by the first wake-up call of a new school year. A week ago I wasn't ready to start, but as the day approaches I am getting excited. This time of year always makes me nervous, (Can I do it all again? How crazy are these kids and parents going to be this time around?) but at the same time it always recharges me. Stay tuned for the many crazy stories that will be Academic Year 2007-2008.

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