Thursday, December 27, 2007

Life in the homeland

Christmas has come and gone (and it was great, by the way) and tonight I got one more party under my belt. Family ladies' night got over about a half hour ago, and this year my Yankee Swap gift met a little warmer reception than last year's cookie jar. (I found out tonight that my cookie jar has already been given away at a yard sale!) We all had a good time swapping gifts and stories.

Tomorrow night I will be back with my high school girls and their guys for a little holiday cocktail party, and Saturday will be spent with the sister and brother-in-law at their place for dinner and some Pats football. I love low-key vacations in the homeland.

Maybe it is just me, but have you ever noticed that your childhood home is the one place you can do absolutely nothing for a full day and be perfectly content? When I am at my parents' house, I can sit completely happy for hours on end around the house, but if I was back at my place after a couple of hours I would probably go nuts. I'd love to know why this is. . .

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