Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It could stay like this forever.

The weather this week has been absolutely perfect. It could stay like this for quite a while and I would be happy. What makes a gorgeous spring day even better? The fact that I'm watching the Sox/Yankees game on ESPN right now. I need to get to a ball game soon or I might go insane.

The fact that there are less than 4 weeks left in the school year blew my students' minds today. I was just surprised that I was keeping count better than they were. All of my kids are doing a project for me over the next week. Aside from helping them go in the right direction with this assignment, I pretty much get to coast on autopilot from here on out. I am always amazed at how different the school year feels once the HSA is done. I found myself telling my kids in almost every class today, "now we have a chance to have fun!" The fact that a statement like that is said at the end of May disheartens me. School needs to be more fun all of the time!!!

Boston is down 3-0 in the Bronx. It's time to get off this blog and yell at the TV.

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