Thursday, May 17, 2007

Season Finale Night

So much to watch tonight, so little time. I'm watching "The Office" right now after a long, painful day. Thank goodness for mindless comedy entertainment.

In about forty-five minutes, it will be "Grey's Anatomy" time to be followed by "Scrubs" on tape. Then the television void begins. . .

. . .so why, you might ask, was my day so painful? I had to teach an after school session today where sixty-plus kids filed in to my room for help. I can handle chatty kids, I can handle kids who mildly flirt with each other while I explain a Punnett Square, but I cannot STAND kids who try to finish answer for me every time I go to answer a question. Two kids sat in the front row and talked NONSTOP about how much they knew on genetics. The girl even tried to beat me to answers when students needed help. Seriously - I'm getting paid for this so let me do my job. It's MORE than okay to be smart, just keep it in your head until it's useful, kids.

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