Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Let me be semi-philosophical for a moment. . .

I would love to write my doctoral thesis on the effects of reality television on current young adult work ethic. (Someday, no time soon mind you - I am still working on the masters degree!) I have a theory that kids today are so impulsive and unable to appreciate a hard day's work in part due to reality tv shows. After all, these shows have been part of pop culture since most of them were in kindergarten. You may think I'm crazy, but consider the following:

-To be a multi-platinum singer, kids have seen that you just have to win "American Idol."
-To be a millionaire, kids have seen that you just have to survive an island or finish a partner's race first.

There is no "school of hard knocks" for these kids. I'd love to explore this further some day. Leave some thoughts.

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