Monday, May 7, 2007


Ah, to live the "Cheers" dream: walking in to a local establishment where everyone knows your name and you are considered one of the regulars. We have officially become one of the regulars at Irish Channel for trivia night.

We have the same waitress each week (she's fantastic, by the way). Tonight she not only told us she missed us and the "other regulars" last week when we weren't there, but she also didn't charge any of us for our drinks. Trivia girl, obviously amused by our weekly antics, upped the harassment tonight. I think it is to the point where she is secretly rooting for us to win again. (Our team is in the midst of a dry spell - pray for rain!) When the manager went to change the Yankees game to the Detroit game, he saw Maggie's Yankees jacket and volunteers to change it back for her.

Being a regular feels pretty darn good. I think this will be what gets me through the next few Mondays.

On the opposite side of regular, the countdown to Greece is on! I bought a travel guide yesterday and can't wait to start paging through it. Cool, fun places across the Greek Isles, here I come!!!

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Jimmy said...

I'm now a regular at a local bar/restaurant. My volleyball friends and I hit up the Creekside every Sunday after our games. Scott (the bartender) specifically keeps the kitchen open just for us, knows exactly what beer we all drink and even pours us shots for free! Creekside hired a new waitress this past week and she already knew about us before we walked in the door.